Wall Painting Isn’t Just Doodling!

It is not difficult to distinguish between vandalism and wall painting. Vandalism is usually in the form of random writings and doodles on the wall, it looks dirty and we often get annoyed when we see it. Wall painting? We might even take a picture with the background because it’s nice!

Yes, if regular wall paint is too boring for you, you can decorate your room with wall painting. Apart from feeling special because the image created will be according to your wishes, wall painting can make the atmosphere in a room different, more cheerful, more somber, depending on the image produced.

People often think of wall painting as an expensive endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be! Check out some of Moselo Expert’s wall paintings.

Mimpiinglukis Art Studio

Cute, cheerful and adorable. That’s probably what Angga’s work captures. His wall paintings adorn Monggo Chocolate Museum in Yogyakarta, providing a bright atmosphere with his cheerful illustrations and coloring. As for Charlie Barbershop, his strokes are more masculine and bold.

Johan Tambunan

Johan’s wall paintings look different from the norm. Yes, because his work is dominated by lettering that is designed in such a way that it looks interesting and gives a masculine playful impression. Johan’s works are often used as decorations in restaurants and hangouts. Do you recognize his work in the places you frequent?


This young artist has a very positive spirit, as seen from his vibrant and colorful works. Artsy and edgy, that’s the impression we get when we see her wall paintings. Feminine, yet bold and unique, Rayael often participates in art exhibitions, collaborating with various other talented artists.

So, are you interested enough to decorate your walls with wall paintings? Find out more at Moselo!





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